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Permalink Posted by bigflopmoptop on , attached to 2010-06-25
bigflopmoptopAnother very fun and totally random show. Great energy all throughout the night, with the highlight definitely being the 2001 Michael Jackson fest. The first set was pretty remarkable in that, with the exception of Split Open & Melt, no song was played from any album between Junta and Undermind. I'm sure people will look at the second set setlist & see what would appear to be a dull set, but everything was played with high energy and nailed. Letter to Jimmy Page & the Sloth were played absoluely perfectly.
These past two nights at Camden were very unstereotypical & unique, which are traits I particulary enjoy after having seen them so many times. I forgot to mention it in the review from Thursday, but people have to hear the Boogie On. The effect Mike had on his bass was Stevie Wonder's keyboard & he played the lines stupendously. Very fun times both nights.
Score: 3

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