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Permalink Posted by dreamtard on , attached to 2010-06-19
dreamtardbenjedi420vt - Aside from my criticism of the sightlines, everything else I mentioned was easily fix-able. Put a ton of small beer vendors around the place like there are at Hartford. Put about 5x more porta-poties around the venue orrrr...... just sell fewer tickets! And, take one of the 500 people working security and put them at the will-call line. There were about 7 windows and 2 employees (and 5 supervisors behind them doing NOTHING). That scene seriously almost bordered on inhumane and i'm shocked people still flock there. Oh, well......maybe it's cause of Phish.

But, you're totally right. Next year (if they go back there...hear rumors they're switching to Bethel) I'm definitely buying Pavilion tickets.
Score: 4

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