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Permalink Posted by dreamtard on , attached to 2010-06-19
dreamtardJust a great great show. I think the boys are just looking really poised and comfortable this summer, and they're just having a blast. SO MUCH REPRISE I LOVE IT! The First set just ruled. Axilla > Fluffhead and closing with a Suzy.... DO IT!

Also gotta give them a hand on "Joy". This song normally made me cringe when listening to the album, but I think they really did a good job of working with it, jamming it out to a fairly awesome apex, and I'll happily give it another shot. Textbook example of how live Phish re-contextualizes album Phish.

Important point of contention having nothing to do with the brilliant Phish show: SPAC is easily the worst venue I've ever been to. Sightlines are terrible, and the lawn is a complete unorganized clusterf*ck. (Anyone else see that dude hanging from the pavilion ramp!?!) The beer situation was an immediate non-starter. Am I really going to spend 40 minutes of the show I just paid for waiting for a beer? Bathroom situation was deplorable. Overall the show was just ridiculously over-sold and the concessions/bathrooms were miserably laid out. Didn't help that the Will-Call line was slower than the entrance line (i'm partially to blame for Will Call in general...but, jesus). Solid F for everyone who works at and is responsible for organizing shows at SPAC. Seriously, you guys suck at Venue and need to visit any other venue in America to realize that. Positive note: the landscape is gorgerous!
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