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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 2010-06-17
waxbanksInteresting show. A superb Disease segues into a weirdly directionless Sand in which Trey doesn't seem particularly engaged at all (or so my one listen has me thinking); his decision to inject Horse/Silent into the jam is understandable but nonetheless weirdly, disagreeably executed. Reminiscent of the Hartford '09 Disease > Wilson mistake, if you ask me! The Mike's Groove is as usual an intense pleasure. Stash continues its excellent run. Y'know? It's Phish2K10 and no one's perfect and it's wonderful music. Whaddaya expect.

But it's the shorter songs that come out of nowhere to claim the show this time out: Sugar Shack features a tweaked arrangement allowing Trey more improv space, including a loop-de-loop 4/4 solo before the bridge, and it *really* works; Farmhouse gets some unexpected swing and a long lovely Roggae-like jam; Walk Away is a balls-out instant-classic version of a song I didn't think was even in the running.

Can't wait for tonight's show. This one only deepens my anticipation.
Score: 2

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