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Permalink Posted by cristilclear on , attached to 2010-06-13
cristilclearAlthough the music can be infinitely deconstructed and analyzed, I prefer to categorize my shows in two ways: solid perfection ('cause it always is) or mind-blowing transformation ('cause it is more often than not).
This show was solid, as usual. The highlight, for me, was the seamless transition between each and every song. My husband said, "Some of those songs didn't seem to go together, did they?" I disagree. The transitions marked perfection all night long. It was a mid-nineties sort of night in terms of song selection. Jibboo opener is rare and even if you don't like Velvet Sea, any song that brings one (including the band at Coventry) to tears is stellar in my book. Lots of Page songs, if you like Page. Solid.
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