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Permalink Posted by Trems88 on , attached to 2004-06-19
Trems88I wont comment on the mood and type of energy that was present at the time. Everyone has different things to say about that. However, it was an absolutely gorgeous summer day, and night. Great open to a standard first set. This show will be remembered for Piper. 32 minutes on the board with multiple teases and directions. But for me the most beautiful music made in this show was during the end of Walls>Bowie. If you listen to Walls the end contains about 4 minutes of an ambient H2 style jam that really is beautiful and one of those examples of music only Phish can create. During glowsticks in Piper my friend pointed up to the stars to show me the big dipper, which rested right above and was "pouring" directly into the amphitheater. It will always be a very special day to me, despite anything negative many would say about this show.
Score: 3

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