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Permalink Posted by Larry_Hood on , attached to 1997-07-23
Larry_HoodEmerging from Europe after unlocking the secrets of funk, Phish definitely flexed their new found muscle during Ghost. By this point Ghost had begun to emerge as a newly refined jam vehicle, with this performance elevating it to the status that it would continue to hold throughout the year. In typical Phish form the band follows up one of the best jams of the year with a YEM that features a good ole Russian folk jam!?! Its difficult to keep from cracking a smile when listening to this YEM. After bringing down the roof with Ghost, Phish brought back some old nerd-rock antics with this comical and lighthearted jam.

This another good early Summer '97 show with a Ghost for the ages and a silly, if not charming YEM. Get those two at least
Score: 1

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