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Permalink Posted by MiguelSanchez on , attached to 1994-04-04
MiguelSanchezthis is a pretty solid show. it is definitely different for this era of phish. the first set is pretty standard '94 phish. maze and reba shine. the debut of scent of a mule is a good time. the second set is chalk full of fun debuts and good playing. down with disease and if i could debut to open the second set. down with disease, of course, is not quite the jam vehicle it would become. it was still a work in progress. buried alive brings out the horns and they really rock this one and the land lady. julius debuts and they are rocking with the horns. this show is slightly lacking in good jams, but this soa melt does not dissapoint. the horns are phish are locked in and they blast this one. wolfman's debuts next, and this, for a long while, was the best one, imo. the horns add to this one nicely, and they tack on a short but nifty jam on this one. i wanna be like you is absolutely hilarious before oh kee>suzy closes this one out in fine form. the hood encore was great and the cavern that follows feels like a nice little surprise/bonus. great show. check out the hoist debuts and a rocking melt.
Score: 1

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