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Permalink Posted by MiguelSanchez on , attached to 1995-12-29
MiguelSanchezthis is my all time favorite phish show. the first set is littered with highlights. plus, the second set, on top of numerous other gems, features the BEST JAM PHISH HAS EVER PLAYED!!

my friend my friend really gives this show a nice focused start. it is played well and gets the energy flowing. the poor heart>down with disease pairings is just another great phish juxtaposition. poor heart was sharp, and disease is pretty well played too. for 1995, it is decently explored before wrapping around into a very well-played early taste. nicu cools the crowd down before a very intense and fiery stash. trey really buries this one, and I think, outside of the orlando version from the fall, this may be my favorite stash of 95. there are some real gems floating around out there, but this one is killer. after that massive stash, they drop a very sharp fluff head. this seems to be a very inspired version of this tune. whatever energy that was left over after the killer stash and fluffhead, is released in a smoking hot llama. adeline works well as the closer.

now comes the money set. a nice breezy makisupa>ctb combo opens this one up in loosey goosey fashiong. then it arrives. this is by no means the longest bt gin ever, but it is the best. the whole band is in wonderful, marvelous sync as they drive this band up and up and up. finally they start to hit a familiar groove and fishman really snaps everyone in gear. suddenly treys steps up to the mic and here we are, the real me! the seque into real me is just outlandish. they jam through the back section of the real me before chilling out and dropping back into the gin theme. gin slowly gives way to a very nice version of mcgrupp. page's solo in the middle section is gorgeous. after a quick run through bbfcfm, jim stinette, mike's former bass instructor,comes out for a bass duel. if you're a bass player, this is an interesting section of the show. you don't get enough of mike in the spot light, so it is good to let him and his old amigo share the spot light. this leads into the first la grange in over 2 years. i love this song and phish plays it so well. batr and fire close this show in standard practice, but after all the treats handed down to the hard cores, you gotta drop something for the newbies. ditto for golgi.

the first set and first half of the 2nd set, up through mcgrupp, really carry this show. the gin jam alone....


set 1:
poor heart>dwd, stash (must hear), fluff head

set 2:
bt gin>real me>bt gin(you absolutely must hear this!!), mcgrupp, and la grange
Score: 5

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