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Permalink Posted by papadance on , attached to 1997-11-21
papadanceWOW.... Had tickets to the next night but drove from Florida to see my only "northern" shows ever. Myself and 2 other friends made it in time for the first night but had no tickets. We parked in the mothership parking lot and figured someone was selling tickets somewhere..... I got out of the truck, looked at the ground, and picked up a ticket! MIRACLE.... My 2 other friends bought tickets at face value and we made it inside during the emotional jam. Amazing how it all worked out. We were inside 15 minutes after parking.
1st set highlights.... Of course the Stones song but SOAM was great. Lawn boy was funny. Caspian was awesome. Trey's loops kept going until the lights went on.

2nd set. Jammed out everything. awesome Ghost>AC/DC transition. We were up front for this and loved it. The encore was perfect and we new the next night was gonna be on fire.
Next night....SICK. Never seen the wave at a Phish show before. Dont even know what to say except I feel lucky to have seen some of the best shows off all time.........
Score: 4

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