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Permalink Posted by MiguelSanchez on , attached to 2009-06-07
MiguelSanchezI was not a huge fan of a lot of the playing on the first east coast leg of the tour. It was great to hear them playing again, but they were still shaking off some serious rust. anyway, they shoook off some of this rust in Camden, NJ. The first set was good, but they never really cut loose anywhere. the started to in wolfman's, 46 days, and tube, but they never really took anything too far out there.

now, the sand in the 2nd is the real deal. this is my favorite version that phish has played of this song. i have always been a bigger fan of the trey band version of this tune. i felt that pre-hiatus versions just sat on that groove while smacky trey fiddled with a keyboard. meanwhile, the trey band, and phish on this night, really stretched this one out. they stayed in a nice focused groove, but they let it move and drift. trey had some very hot funk/rock guitar licks all over this jam. fishman and gordon worked the funky groove, and where trey wasn't, page was. excellent sand!

the rest of the set was pretty standard. they got a nifty bonus tweezer after what i would have assumed to be a set closing zero. joy and batr don't do much for me, but you can't complain when it's followed by antelope>tweeprise. if you are interested in hearing the "process" of phish getting back to full throttle, this is a good show to check out. some of that rust was lost on this night.
Score: 6

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