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Permalink Posted by zacheross on , attached to 1994-06-09
zacherossMy first Phish show. I tried to make it to shows in early 90's but this was the one. At the time I was living near the University of Utah with some friends from my hometown who had been to Phish shows before, we scored tickets that day at the beloved Graywhale CD store just off campus. This Phish ticket is still my fav, cool artwork limited printing for a tiny ass venue. We walked the 30 blocks down to the show, right across the street from the former Delta Center, this "ampitheatre" was located behind some historical building. Tiny I mean small - maybe 700 people??? Definitly a treat looking back, check out the setlist and listen to the AUD recording, the band is on it, really locked in all night. Out the gate with Llama - I always giggle this was my first live Phish tune, love the Llllllama. Guelah and Rift are standard, then I get the first of 15 DWD I have seen live. I was hung up on Hoist at the time (still am, love the album)next is It's Ice is rare in my rotation, great version. If I Could is sweet too..Maze, Fee and Suzy were strong - I had the disctinct feeling at setbreak I was at home...SOAM terrific set opener, hot - Trey killing it..Glide! Another rarity in my rotation and then Julius bright springy. Halleys>Scent is the highlight of the night for me - Page & Trey, some Ginseng and them the classic Mike's>H2O>Weekapaug sandwich with kudos to Gordo - it doesn;t come thru on the AUD so well but he was killing it...Golgi wraps it and lights down. Love the HWY2Hell closer, we were treated to a one off show in a small ass venue where the boys played really tight. I am so lucky to have gotten this as my first!
Score: 2

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