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markah(posted 12 years ago at

Friday November 27
Woosta Centrum - Woosta, Mass

Funky Bitch
Ya Mar
Old Home Place
Dogs Stole Things
Circus Comes


(hold on to your hats...)

Buried Alive
Chalkdust Torture ->
Mirror in the Bathroom (?) ->
Chalkdust Torture ->
Dog Log (sort of) ->
12-Bar Blues Jam ->
Chalkdust Torture ->
Sanity ->
Buffalo Bill ->
Mike's Song ->
I am Hydrogen ->
Weekapaug Groove ->
Wipeout ->
Weekapaug Groove
Weekapaug Jam ->
Pink Floyd-like Jam ->
Run Like an Antelope!!!!
Or, at least, that's the best I can come up with. This is the one set I
did not get taped, and you can imagine how horribly I am kicking myself
for it. Therefore I'd like to insert my obligitory grovel...

I sat here and stared at the screen for about five minutes just now,
looking at that setlist again. I'm not going to even try to say anything
about it. It was _that_ good.

And all I'm really gonna say about first set is REBA. This was probably
the best version of REBA I've heard since sometime before Dayton (meaning,
yes, that this was better than that one - simply amazing. I didn't think
Trey had another great Reba like this in him. See also 12/4/96 San

The encore was a bit of a letdown I felt - did we need ANOTHER Golgi?
Eh....Wipeout is obviously incredibly fun, Fishman begrudgingly taking
what will withstand the test of time as the most HORRID drum solo ever.
One noteworthy thing is that Trey actualy reffers to Fish as "Jon Fishman"
for what is the only time I can recall (as opposed to "Hennrietta," "Bob
Weaver," "Sammy Hagar the Horrible," or whatever he is these days).
Score: 1

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