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Permalink Posted by markah on , attached to 1997-08-17
markah(posted 13 years ago to
I will have to put in a vote for the Great Went Gin. I don't know what
it was for me...that glider dipping fantastically over the *brilliant*
sunset, maybe...but during the DwD jam and segue into the Gin I was
feeling _some_ sort of were others around me. (I know cuz I
asked :) When Gin hit its all out jam, I could not contain myself. I
was leaping up and down with pure elation. Cheezy as this sounds, it
was _pure_joy_. Honestly the single coolest musical experience of my

Strangely enough, last night I was talking with a fellow aphishianadio
the other night about the Went, and he asked me if I felt anyhting
during the Gin. When he saw my face light up, he went off about how he
just couldn't help himself from jumping up and down and feeling
absolutely *geeked* about life.

Amazing that the two of us connected like that among 66,000 ppl. (was
that the final count?) Did anyone else have a similar experience?
(Could be in Maine or anywhere else...)
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