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Permalink Posted by Mikesgroover on , attached to 2004-06-17
MikesgrooverThe first show after the announcement of Phish's impending breakup was eagerly anticipated by the fanbase. Would Trey reference the letter in words or in music? What would the band's chemistry be like? Truthfully, there were few signs musically that the band was running out of gas. Thanks to limited access to the general-admission field, we were able to park ourselves 30-40 feet back from center-stage and have plenty of room to dance.

ASIHTOS sounded like it could go deep early, but it was really a taste of where this song would go in the future. Dinner and a Movie was the appropriate and predictable call for the simulcast, while the Curtain With (first since Vegas 2000) was an obvious statement song ("Please, we have no regrets") that was quite pleasant, especially in light of the debacle that the song was at Coventry. Moma>Free is pure beauty and funkiness, while the rain began to fall during Nothing. Maze had us screaming "You'll never get out of this rain" as we were soaked to the skin.

46 Days>Possum showed off a beautiful segue and Suzy sounded at the time it might be the final-ever version (which it wasn't, of course). The second set was fun and danceable, but my favorite part of Weekapaugh was the brief Main Street hint. The clearing sky inspired the encore, which was welcome but botched. The Moma>Free and 46 Days>Possum are worth watching and hearing, but the jamming doesn't reach the heights of the SPAC.
Score: 3

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