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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 1994-10-31
waxbanksLarry has it - this would be a canonical Phish show even without the Beatles cover, which frankly can't touch the VU/Stones/Talking Heads/Pink Floyd covers in terms of musical interest. Whereas NYE 95 closed out a period of musical growth and personal triumph for Phish, this one kicks off an unbelievably fertile run of shows, the November '94 boom. There's a provisional or prefatory feel to some of Phish's '94 stuff - the runup to the maniacally intense psychedelia of late 1995 - but November 1994 is a heady time, and it literally starts here. Reba, Slave, Bowie, Coil, Antelope: from this vantage you can make out the steep slope to the peak in NYC just 14 months later. This show marks a holy moment for the band.
Score: 10

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