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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 1995-12-14
waxbanksThere's a reason this show is designated 'Live Phish 01.' The second set is some of the best Phish of a great year, particularly the ferocious Tweezer/Timber combo. Everything in December '95 sounds outsized now - like a key musical muscle was getting overworked, then sprained, and the band stepped off delicately in early 1997 looking for a new logic. Shows like 12/14/95 show the band pushing past some energetic limit, playing harrowing arena rock music for hours on end and filling every cubic inch of every venue with sheer power. Even the quiet of Keyboard Army sounds like a powerful musical engine momentarily idling. Impatient. If you came into Phish fandom via 'A Live One' then this will feel like the next logical step, before the 1996/97 turnabout and reconception. While you're at it, grab the 11/14 Orlando Stash > etc. > Stash, one of the all-time great Phish jams and a slightly more refined cousin to this second set.
Score: 14

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