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Permalink Posted by jabberstin on , attached to 2004-06-24
jabberstinNo reviews on this one yet, huh? Well, its probably because the full-wrath of Trey's narco-indulgence was very apparent on this evening. While the precious Vultures was a royal treat at Deer Creek, DWD>R&R, too, this show highlighted the fact that things were most definitely not well with the band and its cohesion. Tube, while a rager, was filled with Trey's (sometimes) senseless 'chord-wails' (As I like to refer to them) and little improvisational input. I'm not undermining this jam...its funky, spacey, sci-fi goodness, but the night's highlights were definitely down-played by their very low-lights. Simple was great. I guess all I can say is that during this tour, Gordo truly bails the band out of sooooo many rough spots due to Trey's patchy inability to contribute to the unique musical language of Phish. This show demonstrates this in full-color.
Score: 4

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