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Permalink Posted by jabberstin on , attached to 2003-07-19
jabberstinThis show really does go above and beyond the show of the previous night. Reba, while not necessarily a 'best-ever'(brah!)version, is spectacular in its own right. Wilson contains beaucoup metal-style shredding and wailing from Trey; or rather, should I say 'whaling'?! Scents and Subtle Sounds was still coming into its own at this point and time, and, while ambient, is nothing to write home about. Maze was the real 1st set jewel, here...fucking hot, hot, hot! Soaring, focused, energetic and frenzied, this version rips! The 'Leo-Trio was cool, and mucho energetic as well, saving the portion of the crowd still trying to shake the dreamy-high of Reba and SASS from their domes. Julius was a rip-roarer, as well.

2nd set ruled! Awesome, long (!) Piper>R&R>Seven Below>Caspian. This jam touches on everything, folks. Well-worth the listen and time. This YEM, my first, was awesome and mucho fun. I fondly remember a man tear his shirt off and start yelping at the start of was memorable. As for the encore, Wading is Wading, but I would rather have heard something a little more upbeat for the evening's send-off.
Score: 1

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