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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 2004-06-25
waxbanksBeautifully spacey/funky Wolfman's Brother highlights an otherwise undistinguished first set. The big news in the second is the huge Seven Below, which goes to some of the same hazy summer spaces as the 40-minute take on 46 Days from 8/3/03 and ends up unexpectedly at Buffalo Bill. I like the Weekapaug, which dwells for a long time in staccatofunkville, but the YEM > 2001 > vocal jam is too much of a muchness - and Trey all but sits out the 2001 before leading a silly-not-musical vocal jam. Get the Seven Below and the Wolfman's but don't worry if you never get around to hearing the rest of the show. On the other hand, if you're doing some manual task in the kitchen, say, this the perfect soundtrack. Is that a compliment? I couldn't say.
Score: 5

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