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Permalink Posted by WolfmansBrother on , attached to 2009-06-06
WolfmansBrotherMy first show, so, really, I was excited to hear anything...

On the drive in I mentioned to my friends that I hoped they would play "that new song 'blank space where my mind should be'" because I had just heard the Jones Beach debut so when they opened with it I was rather pleased, obviously the song has come a long way since GW but I think it could/should open more shows. I enjoyed Nothing and GBOTT but felt like the show didn't really get going until Golgi, which really got the place moving.

Mid-first set was fine, Jibboo smoked if I remember correctly and I enjoyed Lawn Boy... and then they dropped Let me Lie. I enjoyed the song when I saw Trey band play it in Boston in fall '08 and like the song, but on 6/6/09 I wished it had stayed in TAB's songbook and never made the jump to Phish. I now regret thinking that, especially after the nice placement in Albany. Taste was killer, as was Caspian, nice end to the set.

Second set was great, enjoyed the hell out of it! The whole place exploded at 'the arrival' in Fluffhead, SoaM was a lot of fun (wish they'd play it more often) and I couldn't have been happier with Harry Hood. Bug (another song I wish they'd play more) rounded out a nice set. Contact> Julius encore was a treat and Julius SMOKED! Sent us all to our cars with smiles.

Compared to the 3 other shows I saw this year this may be the weakest, but that doesn't mean it was any less fun. I also really like this show because I think it is a great example of the band trying to work in their new and newer material into a cohesive show.
Score: 4

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