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Permalink Posted by TannisRoot on , attached to 1998-04-03
TannisRootDuring the Loving Cup some dude catapulted onto the stage from like 5 rows deep. And what made it so cool was that he launched onto the stage precisely at the "beautiful buzz" part of Loving Cup. As soon as the band came out of the jam and sang "Oh, what a beautiful buzz", this guy flew through the air and landed on the stage. It was like he was spring-loaded. No clue how he pulled it off but he clearly had help. He hopped around a bit and then jumped back into the crowd. Seemed to get away scott-free. Im pretty sure it was this show, but Im not positive. But I do remember the band doing "Carini's gonna get you" lines during the beginning of Antelope. Anyway, the Island Tour was awesome, even if I dont fully remember it. Listen for yourself!

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