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Permalink Posted by Frankster on , attached to 2000-06-29
FranksterAhhhh yes this is what I'm talking about. For those of you who write off 99 and 2000 shame on you. I personally love techno Phish and this show is apex of my affection. This show was a wild one to attend and holds up extremely well on tape. The first set is perfect! Funky Bitch is raunchy, in a good way. Mike sings the shit out of it previewing his stellar play all night long. Wilson is Phish metal at its finest. Limb is solid as usual. The set closeing combo of Drowned>RNR is huge. The crowd was in a frenzy throughout and the boys new it. Classic! After a 1st set like that I was expecting a more laid back 2nd . . . WRONG! Birds is an absolute monster. I won't even try to give a play by play its just too far out there. Towards the end of insanity that was birds they fall smack into Catapult. Beautiful tranisiton while keeping the trippiness. Towards the end of Catapult someone trips a loop (Trey I think) and low and behold they loop right in to Heavy Things. Now now before you scoff at this call give it a listen. The first 30 seconds are accentuated by this digital loop that really sets this version apart from any other. The groove is infectious coupled by the return of the loop 2 more times. Clocking in at over 8 minutes this is by far the best heavy things ever! Sand is just sinister. Mr. Rave meet Mr. funk. Enough said. Japanese meatstick is hilarious, but this is no novelty version. This Meatstick rages!!! Cities is short and to the point as is walk away as if acting as a warm up for Antelope. Above average version for sure. The rest of the show is solid but the first 2 hours of this one is pure Ecstacy! Yet another crazy show at the Alien Mother Ship in beautiful New Jersey.
Score: 1

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