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Permalink Posted by ThinMan on , attached to 2009-11-22
ThinManGreat old time venue with a wonderful lot and feel. Heard that this is where they filmed the old hockey movie Slap Shot, and looked that way once inside. No security and easy to get around. First set is very good, particulary for this tour. While songs are short, they are certainly sweet and played very tight. The Julius was a nice surpise and somewhat rare at this point. Heavy Things, Funky Bitch, Sample was a really, really good run. The solo in Heavy Things is very unique and I find extremely appealing. The FB was tight as hell and much more powerful than the Alpine version from June. And for me at this point, Broken Heart was a nice treat, although this one is a bit sloppy.

The second was somewhat dissapointing. The Drowned shined as did the shenanigans in the middle of the set, but the end was somewhat disjointed and the set never really found a good flow. GTBT was awesome and really brought the thunder back into the venue.
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