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Permalink Posted by Elmar on , attached to 2009-12-03
ElmarThis was my first show since Coventry and probably the only one for 2009. My group called both set openers so you know that put us in the right groove!
Set1: I enjoyed thoroughly, although as individual songs; I didn't find the set flowed as a unit the way so many of them do. Impressed with BDTNL; TTL - Um, well ... I think it's still in the freshly written "toddler stage" and in a year or two people are going to be clamoring for them to play it - but it really doesn't deserve the "off the cuff" negative reviews I've been seeing. "Punching Holographic Hazes, Boogieing, Stashing the Smelled Colors ... with a great segue closer. On the whole, a good set!
Set2: is responsible for my overwhelming stiffness and rusty voice on Saturday. Madness out of the gate! DWD raged as always, "Piper" (my moniker for years), FLUFFHEAD "...OH YEAH!!!" Cities (Talking Heads is always welcome) and ... and ... and I could go on but will show some restraint! Zero(regardless of it not being a favorite)was a perfect encore for that night. As Homer might ruminate, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, MSG!" Thanks Boys - It's good to have you back!!
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