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Permalink Posted by Steve Dolley on , attached to 2003-02-28
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

The Nassau vibe was extremely jangled at first. It felt like a sports crowd in that cold, cold, cold, cold, cold hockey arena. Lots of really young guys looking to get really spun and lots of beer beer beer.
There was also a downright rude lack of attention to the music by many. People screamed and talked loudly during Page's delicate solo piano intro to “WOTC”, for example. It threw me off a bit for the first set, despite the stunning exploratory “Gin”, surprise return of “Destiny Unbound”, and hands-down best “GBOTT” ever.
But they came back after break and took charge with that “Tweezer”. Trey in particular brought the unfocused testosterone wildness down to a whisper, then re-channeled the energy into a phat group groove. Pure magic. How do they do it?
Then a major dubwise skanking “Soul Shakedown Party” to chill everyone a bit more and lock in the boogie. YES I!!! Can't get enough of that Burlington reggae. Ras Gordo lays it down phat with the bass synth pedal.
“Round Room”: And now it's finally fully round. Phish dancing effortlessly around the quantum "one," the downbeat described rather than nailed down. As Kesey put it, "everyone's in their own movie." The "one" is not a precise location in time, not to be hit on the head like a game of Whackamole, it's wherever it makes you happiest to hear it. This version just spot on, full of emotion, all about our journeys with the band in similar rooms around the country over the years. We want a round room just to be with you all too!
Then my dear old claymation neighbor “Hood”. Our fifth visit post-hiatus, but he can show up every night and still make me grin ear to ear. If 12/31/98 was "Harry in Space" and the end of 2/16/03 was "Harry Hears The Who," this was "Harry in a Round Room." Always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom. You can feel extremely good about this “Hood”.
The round room is now officially open for business.
Score: 4

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