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Permalink Posted by chooglincharley on , attached to 2009-11-22
chooglincharleywhew! stellar second set.

bowie opener was great - very solid standard julius, first of the tour. sparkle was nice to hear. the bitch was solid and the boogie on was the best ive heard - just wish they wouldve gone on to the end of the set with it. stash was solid - real good.

and then they returned...drowned! great opener, prob around 15 min > a sick twist > mediocre piper which seemed to end before it got crazy > BBFCFM!!!!!! raging, trey on his knees. always great to hear a typical tube (although they missed the transition from funk to rock, still great) standard theme, almost sub par with the climax. great maze!!! nice horse>silent and good placement to calm down after some serious raging. zero was good and the first tube was standard.

overall, an extremely fun show - maybe a 7 or 8. the war memorial holds about 7,000 and the scene was really good, everyone seemed to be having a great time - gxbx encore to solidify that statement
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