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Permalink Posted by Ed Urgiles on , attached to 1993-03-22
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

Okay, so everybody knows the story by now. Either because there was only a few hundred people in the Crest that night or because everybody seemed mellow or who knows what, the band decided to perform most of the Gamehendge saga. I was quite lucky to be there that night and quite lucky to be on the rail. The rail at the Crest was set unfortunately high, nearly at chin level, and my buddy Nitewing had this little cookie monster puppet propped up on the rail so he could tell people where he was.
Anyway, Trey launched into the narration of the Gamehendge story, and suddenly the security guard who had been staring at us blankly most of the night gets up from his post, walks over to the rail, pets the little Cookie Monster on the head, and walks across the to the other side of the stage. Well, Trey seemed to lose his concentration. After the guard petted the Cookie Monster, Trey's jaw drops and he falls silent, glaring at the guard as he walks across the front of the stage. He says, "I'm sorry, I was just looking at this guy right here"¯ and continued his narration.
The show itself was understated, yet unbelievable. I think it was perfectly punctuated by the dual encore! "Amazing Grace"¯ was simple and sublime and "Fire"¯ just burned, baby, burned.
Score: 14

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