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Permalink Posted by Tim Larson on , attached to 2003-02-26
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

This was my first Phish show ever. I was only fifteen years old and was very grateful for getting my hands on a ticket to this show. I got to the freezing cold city of Worcester about two hours before the show to check out the parking lot scene. Pretty cool, just a large pre-show get together. Everyone was super friendly but I was just anticipating show time. Now once we got through the maximum security full cavity searches at the door, I left my friends that I drove with to find my seat. All my friends were somewhere behind the stage but I was lucky enough to receive a floor seat. I didn't really know if being on the floor by myself would take away from the show. Luckily, it didn't at all.
I remember sitting in my seat, waiting for my first Phish show ever to start. I couldn’t even believe that I was really there, to see Phish! The lights died down and everyone went nuts. I saw the four take the stage and I started thinking, "Oh my God, I’m actually here.” Then I hear Trey lay down the opening appregios to “YEM” and I felt this large feeling of "holy shit, this is going to be ridiculous" take over my body.
From start to finish, Phish gave me the most intense high energy musical experience ever. I think my highlight was "Guyute". They nailed it perfectly. This show had everything from mind blowing musical compositions to unexpected bust outs like “Low Rider” and “Frankenstein”. This show was so amazing. I loved and cherished every moment of my first show. And since then it seems like all that’s on my mind is getting tickets to the next show to see them again. Special thanks to Trey, Mike, Page, and Fish for the mind blowing music.
Score: 1

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