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Permalink Posted by Scott Silton on , attached to 1997-12-07
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

Someone must have told the band it was my fiftieth show; they made sure to keep the setlist fresh and funky! It's hard to imagine becoming jaded with shows like this one around.
Set I: Wow! What a killer set! The "Jesus Just Left Chicago" totally brought the house down, and the "Psycho Killer" was sweet to hear. "My Mind's Got a Mind of Its Own" hasn't been around for a while - it was the first time I've heard it since `93 I believe. The "Ice" had a few problems but Page was king, and the "Swept/Steep" middle was well placed. The "Theme" included a gorgeous Trey solo. (It sounded to me like he was breathing through the guitar.) Then "Tube"! Whoo! I'd been waiting years to catch this, and then they bust out the funky version for me! The middle of "Tube" featured a cool funkified jam, which they launched back into after having wrapped the song up. (It was more or less an untitled funk instrumental, I guess) Then "Slave"! This totally made up for the Cleveland fiascothis was a momentous "Slave""...and a momentous set.
At setbreak, I told my neighbor, "They can play shorter sets if they are going to be that good!" Once again the band must have been listening.
Set II: "Timber" was nothing special, but the "Wolfman's" -> "Reggae Woman" was phenomenal! Great segue and great tunes! "Boogie On Reggae Woman" is a Stevie Wonder cover. "Reba" and "Guyute" were sweet to hear, although neither version was stellar. "Possum" included a repeated tease of a lick I didn't recognize, and in general was tasty. "A Day in the Life" was a bit of a letdown, I suppose, but even that hasn't been around for a while, and nothing could be a letdown from this fine show. Short but sweet: thirty-five minutes shorter than Cleveland but far more fun! It was especially sweet from the fourteenth row!
Score: 3

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