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Permalink Posted by Alex May on , attached to 1995-10-29
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

I was playing a game recently in which this question was asked: "Which year stands out as your favorite and why?". Without hesitation, I said 1995, specifically the week of 10/28 to about 11/4. It was the weekend of my 21st birthday, an amazing road trip, and two great Phish shows. I turned 21 on October 28th, and my good friend Will and I left a great birthday party about 2:00 a.m. to start the drive from Blacksburg Va. to Louisville Ky. We did not make it too far that night, and spent a few hours asleep somewhere in West Virginia. We arrived in Louisville about 4:00 p.m. and spent the afternoon wandering around the parking lots and the city. It was my first time (not my last though) seeing Phish play in a city, and it added a new twist to the lot scene.
Just as on October 29 1994, this Louisville show features a band on the verge of something great. They were tight, focused, and having a lot of fun. I heard a lot of "firsts for me" that night: "Punch", "Cars Trucks Buses", "NICU", "Gumbo", "Makisupa", "The Mango Song", "Kung", and "Shaggy Dog". It was really cool to see and hear songs I had previously only heard on tapes. It was also great to catch a general admission show and to be on the floor but have enough room to dance.
I had been following the chess game online, and I entered my name at the Greenpeace table to make the audience move, but it went to someone else. The "It's Ice" > "Kung" > "It's Ice" combo really stands, out because I had no clue what was going on when Trey and Fish started yelling "Stand Up! Stand Up!". Just another of those cases where the band you love and think you know does something you never even thought about, and leaves you wanting more. We left Louisville after a great "Funky Bitch" and continued the drive north to Chicago.
Score: 2

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