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Permalink Posted by Adam Nash on , attached to 2003-07-31
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

The next night, I felt the need to give back. I knew I couldn't find that man who gave me the miracle; I didn't want to. But I had to give back to the community. So I bought an extra ticket at face value and looked around for someone with his/her finger in the air, someone that looked like they needed this ticket, and they needed it for free.
I chose a girl in her early thirties, late twenties. I handed her the ticket, and she gave me a huge hug, extremely excited about her miracle. That day, I was wearing a “Harry Hood” shirt, and upon seeing this she started to flip out.
"I can't believe you're wearing a ‘Harry Hood’ shirt!" she screamed. She explained that she was from out West. She was doing the entire tour and has not been to the Philly/Camden area since Winter 1999. The last time she was here was for Phish's two-night stay at the Spectrum (12/10-11/99). I told her that I personally couldn't make it to the 10th, but I was at the 11th. This fact seemed to blow her away even more. After the show on the 10th, she continued to explain, she got a call from her Mom back West. Her father had passed away that night. His name was Harry. The next night marked the first “Harry Hood” opener since 1985 (10/30/85 at Hunt's), which was the first time the song was played. She felt like they opened the show with that just for her. She had not returned to the Philly area since then, and when she finally did, she is given a miracle from a kid in a “Harry Hood” shirt. We both stood there, stunned. Having such a strong connection to a person within five minutes of meeting her was overwhelming - and also what Phish is all about.
The show rocked, to put it simply. A classic setlist, with no huge surprises (although “Moma Dance” is always exciting). Still, every song was simply pumping. A sick way to end the tour and ready us for IT. And of course, they closed the second set with “Harry Hood”.
I can only wonder if she made it to the Boston anniversary show...
Score: 9

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