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Permalink Posted by Meryl Simon on , attached to 2003-11-28
Phish.Net contributor(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

There was one thing that made this experience different from all of the other shows I have been to. At this particular show I got married. I tried everything I could to get notice to the band, but of course I was denied any recognition. That's okay. My fiancée and I were totally excited and extremely thrilled.
When we arrived we went to our seats. Everyone in the section was already aware of what was to happen during setbreak. Even the security guard was in on the action. Many of my friends were attending the show and so it was truly a wonderful experience knowing they were all going to be there.
The first set ended with an incredible “Bathtub Gin” > “Free” and I was so excited. This was it! The security guard of our section cleared the aisles so my fiancée (soon to be husband) and I could walk down, my friend (since kindergarten) was my witness and maid of honor, and a girl I had met online made me a veil and it was gorgeous. A friend of ours was the officiate of the ceremony and so everything worked out perfectly. As the lights came on the house music began, and we started our way to the bottom of the isle. The security guard had gotten everyone quiet and announced that there was to be a wedding taking place at that very moment. The ceremony was short and sweet and it was just a glorious occasion! Everyone cheered as we kissed our first married kiss. Although Phish didn’t acknowledge the ceremony (which I knew wouldn’t happen anyway) it was such a wonderful experience that only we could have shared together. The community around us couldn’t have been a better one and I am glad it was such a friendly bunch.
Score: 3

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