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Permalink Posted by Mikesgroover on , attached to 1992-11-28
MikesgrooverThe final show at the beautiful Capitol Theater. I was home from college in California and had spent a few hours the previous night trying to score a ticket. I was unsuccessful, but managed to find one for the following night, which holds up today as an excellent show.

This show encapsulates all the early-years weirdness and goofiness that has become part of the Phish mystique. Rift hadn't been released yet, the Minkin sculptures hung behind the stage and Page wasn't yet playing a grand piano on tour. The first set songs were pretty straightforward, in spite of the technical problems during My Sweet One. I had never heard Mike's Song before this night and this INCREDIBLE version immediately lodged the song in my heart as one of my all time Phish favorites. They used the smoke machine for this 20-minute Mike's Groover, and so much smoke poured out of the thing that it literally enveloped the theater to the point where you couldn't see anything. A must-hear Mike's Groove.

The second set was strange to me. I was surprised to hear a traditional Jewish anthem woven into a beautiful instrumental melody. Tweezer is relatively direct, but after the Bouncing and Coil, things got weird again with Fishman using a gong for Love You. It's the Harpua that really shines in this second set. Trey sarcastically mocks the Spin Doctors, referring to the "hit song on the radio" by playing a few notes of Jimmy Olsen's Blues, which was in the process of getting overplayed on MTV and rock radio in late 1992. Back then, we didn't know that Phish would long far outstrip the Spin Doctors in popularity and longevity.
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