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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 2003-07-25
waxbanksThe two best Hoods of 2003 are the glorious 7/31 version and the wilder, woolier half-hourlong take from this strong show; the weird sojourn of Harry Hood as a 'Type II' jam vehicle in '03 climaxed with blues riffs, ugly rock sounds, and a cooled-out transition back to the song's traditional cascading chords. Nothing like, say, the 'Type II' versions of Halley's Comet that popped up in 1997-98, but Phish '03 was a very different animal from its pre-hiatus form. This first set's fine but the second is *very* fine, if understated (except for that Hood). If you don't mind a repetitious-but-fun 6-minute Kung chant you'll be rewarded with a delicate Twist, patient/unfulfilling Drowned, and hearty smooth Bowie closer. But let's be frank: everything else about the show pales in light of that monstrous, *terminal* take on Harry Hood. 7/31 is a better show all-around, to my ears, and if you're just skimming summer 2003 you can get by with a track or two from this one.
Score: 1

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