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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 1994-05-07
waxbanksBefore Tweezer was a disco-ball dance tune it was an all-bets-are-off mid-90's free-improv springboard, and this small-venue second set is a relatively coherent Tweezer medley. Apparently the band did shots at setbreak and decided to experiment with playing open-endedly without stopping; it's busy music and the experiment isn't 100% successful (that 6/8 blues jam is misguided) but once they swerve into a medley of covers and joke tunes the band achieves the ecstatic fluency that marks their best sets. (Fantastic DDLJ > etc. in particular.) The HYHU > Tweeprise jam is good enough to stand on its own, and what a segue! This show isn't quite in line with the marvelously inaccessible 1994-95 free Tweezers (cf. 'A Live One'), but it's an important example of the band flying without a net in front of an audience, which would become the norm in 1997. Luckily it's also a welcoming and enjoyable set of rock'n'roll (and HQ SBD copies circulate, of course - including the official release).
Score: 13

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