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Permalink Posted by waxbanks on , attached to 1993-02-20
waxbanksThis is one of the great highlights of the early-90's period before the members of Phish fully figured out how to get beyond their own virtuosity. The second set is as weird and wonderful and funny as its setlist, with a magical Harry Hood near the end; and yes, everything from Tweezer through Weekapaug is a single indispensable free-flowing Comedy Jam. But sixteen years after the fact, some of the seams are showing, e.g. the forced transition into MMGAMOIO and the awkward Trey-on-a-pedestal showoffiness that pervades Mike's Song. That said, from Hydrogen through the end of the run it's unforced and joyful, and only a serenely confident (or is that 'arrogant'?) band could produce the hybrid beast that is this version of Glide.

You can skip the first set without regret, but if you fall in the middle of the TMBG/Ween/Phish fandom Venn diagram, Set II is pure uncut musical cocaine. This one's in line with later experiments like 5/7/94 II (the essential Bomb Factory Tweezerfest), though the breadth-to-depth ratio is at the high end here, so caveat emptor. It's an official release, but high-quality SBD recordings have circulated for 16 years and should still be readily available.
Score: 13

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