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Russell Remington

This entry contains legacy content from the earler's FAQ file and/or from earlier editions of The Phish Companion. It may be incomplete and/or out-of-date, but we hope to update it soon.

Saxophonist and founding Giant Country Horns member Russ Remington also made two appearances without the rest of the horns ensemble. A sample of his works include “Peaches en Regalia,” “Donna Lee” and “Funky Bitch,” among others from 10/29/88; and “Split Open and Melt,” “Harry Hood,” “Swing Low (Sweet Chariot)” and the short-lived “In a Hole” on 10/20/89. Russ has been back in the Phish fold since 2001 as a member of Trey’s solo band, contributing flute as well as tenor saxophone.

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