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Antelope Greg

Full Name: Gregory Phelps

This entry contains legacy content from the earler's FAQ file and/or from earlier editions of The Phish Companion. It may be incomplete and/or out-of-date, but we hope to update it soon.

Known for his creativity (sticker design), presumptiveness (dude, you're dancing in his area; back off!), and drama.

Greg , who reportedly did not miss a show from 1994 to 1999, was long disparaged on rmp as being aggressive about his "personal dance space", such as "doing karate kicks and chops against men, vulgar language and insults against women", and standing in his seat. At a Europe show summer 1997, and again at several US shows in Fall 1998, he was reported to have damarcated a square on the floor with yellow/orange tape and attempting to strike fear into those around that they should not enter "his" box. At a few shows (e.g. 11-21-98), he lectured those near the front about his "rules". At one (Fillmore '97), he yelled at a girl who walked past him towards the stage, in a roomy undersold crowd, "Turn around and walk the f*** back, you f***ing c*nt!"

His insistences to the contrary have sparked threats from those who would like to "kick his ass" or "punch his fucking face in". And he didn't win many more friends on the fall 1999 tour by continually snitching on FOB/BTP tapers.

However, his defense of space is sometimes infectious, and those around him (whether an entourage of known friends, or a sympathetic band of space savers) join in the protection of space.

In his defense, Jennifer Saunders emailed a contrary position (11/14/98), that "the thing that distinguishes him most from other people on tour is the fact that he is there for the music. The scene is secondary for him and unlike so many other people who follow the band around to every show, he wouldn't talk during the sets, and doesn't sprint out of the show before the encores in order to set up his vending. He is the one who designed the [sic] antelope stickers and I think he deserves some credit for something that is so popular. I've only been near him at a show for about five songs, but he was very nice about letting Rob and me share his space when we didn't have any. He may be very different to people he doesn't know so I can't really comment on that.."

Greg himself responded (11/17/98) thusly: "Hello ,this is Antelope Greg .To all you losers who don't like me because I popped a baloon ,or told you to shut up because you were talking about sue and rick and i said "shut the #%&*@ up'' suck an egg. I know I get a little excited ,and I dance all crazy, but I don"t have an anterage I have stood on a chair twice,encore of the Rosemont , and encore of Albert Hall but only after the music was done. ... A lot of people agree with holding your space and not acting like you are at a Metallica concert.Often people after shows come to me and tell how me keeping my space made every one around me hold space and they had the best time ever at a show.So all you pansy asses want to talk crap why don't you get some balls and use them, don't say shit over a computer . Say it to my face one on one, don't threaten me with stones because I'll be running like an Antelope alright,like Lopeg chasin all of you because you know you don't have the balls to do it one on one even with rocks.To all those I may have been mean to because I was mad that day, I'm sorry, I'm very emotional. Any one who knows me for awhile knows I'm better then you interneters make me out to be. please print in my infamous section. Thanx LopeG " He added (on 4/30/99, in all-caps but otherwise thusly) "you should let me put something on my faq soght unless you are just a bunch of loosers who go to one show a tour and have never met me or you have some jelousy thing going on and you can't handle me being around."

He emailed an update/apology 5/16/03: I would like to say a few words to those out there in phish land. I would like to appologise to many a phan I might have not been kosher to over the years. While many of you may have been talking during shows or coming to a g.a. show at 7 and walking up to the front and telling me I should share my space; while I have been sitting, trying to save since 2, 3, or 4 in the afternoon: my tact in those situations was wrong. My negative attitude was not warranted, and even though I and many others would agree that you should have been waiting in line with the rest of us, I had no right to have been so mean. My life has not been as easy as 95% of you out there in Phish land. I grew up in a very harsh and negative child hood. In 1997 a very good friend of mine killed herself and since then I have had a lot of pain and hurt coarsing through my veins. My father left when I was very young and I did not speak to him at all during my run of shows from Thanksgiving 94 untill 1999. This does not excuse my attitude however. Many times I would turn my pain during one state of mind or another out on to another. I do still beleive that if all Phishies that wanted to dance and waited in line were allowed to dance; in the space they saved; as hard as they want that Phish would be able to go even bigger, and better. With age comes maturity, and even though I still go as huge as I did when I was 17, all be it with a lot more pain, I see that I was not very tactful. I should not have crushed peoples vibe. People will always remember the bad more than the good, and I will always be remembered that way. If you met me 10 times and 9 of those I was in a great mood and the one I was in a horrible mood: whether from fighting with my girl friend or a bad trip, or not getting any sleep from driving all night long etc., etc., etc.: you will remember that one time. Many stories on the web are not true. There have been things posted one the net that are such lies that if they were in the Times I would be able to sue for millions. I do not know if I will make it long enough for summer tour or fall, I hope I do, but if I don't, I don't want the Phish World to think that I am as bad as the peeps on the net say I am. I used to be the sweetest guy in the world, the guy you brought home to mom. I just want to appologise to those out there I may have hurt or ruined a show or what not, and let you know that my heart is as big as the Salem Tweezer even if it might sometimes have come of as the Utah Delta Center one. I love you all and hope that I make it long enough to see you all once again,

Also, check out 6/25/97, which acknowledges Antelope Greg. And the 7/23/03 show may also have referred to him: Trey mentions a Greg before Antelope, which followed Buffalo Bill and Makisupa Policeman, at a time when (it has been reported) Greg may be facing possible jail time.

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