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Check out the 50 "meme" images below. Each of them features obfuscated Phish lyrics. Can you guess which Phish songs the lyrics represent? Answers can be found here.

 It Is My Supposition That I Have Not Yet Accurately Relayed The Tale Of The Apparition A Fair Amount Of Time Has Passed Since I Resumed My Position On The Railroad Engine At No Time Wish My Digits Removed And Remain Hopeful For Clear Respiration Canines Robbed That Which I Required Kittens However Took Only What I Never Possessed Chuckling And While Chuckling Disassemble Halt And Observe That Each Day Serves As Part Of A Larger Count Permit Bits Of Time To Be Unordered Have You Hidden In The Darkness Harold I Formerly Possessed A Canine He Was Titled James I Galloped About For I Hadnt Been In Earshot And Spotted Thee Cavorting With Elihu Upon The Bed Of L I Say Constable Constable Pray Thee Visit My Dwelling I Shall Direction Myself Towards The Marketplace That Anchors This Village I Arose At Dawn With A Great Depression I Remain Affixed In My Bed As My Lower Half Was Missing If One Can Remedy The Result Without Altering The Source It Is Almost Parallel To Treating A Shotgun If Only I Were Royalty Drifting Effortlessly In The Tide In The Perfect Creek We Inhale Deeply And Purposefully And Dunk Ourselves Into The Greenish Waters James Yes Father Your Feline Has Expired My Trusty Jackass Hails From The Deep South He Has Traveled Extensively And His Experience Has Made My Humble Apologies That Youve Departed But You Have In Fact Departed Observe The Village Observe The Animal Shelter The Navigation Signal Will Not Permit Me To Pass Preparing To Pilfer Periods Born Of The Blemished Blueprint Small Stones And Shaped Glass Much Like That Which I Consider Often Are Misplaced And Difficult To L Steadfast Atop A Ravine I Begin To Lose Footing It Is Of No Importance Should I Stumble Thou Hast Misplaced It And Ye Shall Never Leave This Labrinth This Day I Suppose It Likely That The Lass No Longer Recalls My Moniker When I Retire My Abode Remains Circular Lo When I Rise It Be Quadrate We Must Begin Our Travels With No Particular Destination The Lady Is My Chosen One And We Must Leave Whilst Paddling I Inquire If Thou Hast Observed Something Which Thou May Desire Attempting Whilst Traveling I Came Upon A Dead Animal This Street Was His Final Destination And He Met His Fate A Rodent Peers Out The Port His Carriage Be Blockaded In Winters Ice At Dusk With Fleeting Thoughts I Came Upon A Break In The Balcony I Am Often In A Balloon I Perceive An Unfamiliar Sensation Presently I Will Be Unencumbered And You I Believed The Fire Would Not Harm Me Instead I Would Donate My Body For Furthering Education I Have Returned To A Pensive State And Conclude There Is None More Evil Than You I Ask If You Are Co I Spotted Beelzebub At The Shore Attempting To Obtain A Darker Tint No Matter That Which One Does Give Watch Over Ones Boots Observed Without Difficulty Multiple Editions Of Myself Oh Spirits You Visit Like An Acquaintance Unseen For Some Time I Would Enjoy Another Snog With My La Pasta From The Old Country Merry Chanting In The Highest Possible Key Perhaps I Could Be An Insect And Serve As The Meal Of A Spider Place A Decorative Holiday String Upon The Celebratory Shrub Trim A Slice Of Fruit And Feign Affecti Pray Accompany Me Into The Icebox Pray Thee Tender No Remorse Shall We Dine Elsewhere And Visit The Picture Show Strolling Across The Landscape Pondering Where My Canine May Have Defecated The Spice Of The Sun Has Begun To Decay This Day I Shall Proclaim A Musical Composition Reserved For The Morrow This Period Of Time Concludes And I Sense A Breeze Swaying Unlike It Has Heretofore Under The Weather For Nearly A Month Attempting To Thwart The Ghouls That Haunt Me We Are Very Pleased Indeed That You Float Effortlessly Upon The Air Were I Able I Would So Execute However Such An Action Is Not Known To Me
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