Jam Chart for 46 Days (24 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
2003-01-02 46 Days Hampton, VA 20:58 Debut. Jam gradually settles down from high powered "46 Days"-style in to a subtle, Trey and Page led foray. Picking up rhythm and energy, there are "CYHMK" teases as the jam builds in intensity. Settles down at the ending with no return to "46 Days" proper.
2003-07-21 46 Days Noblesville, IN 14:46 Jam moves on from the typical hard driving standard to some really serene, quiet thoughtful space. With lots of little twists and turns, this one is very improvisational. > to "Tweezer."
2003-08-03 46 Days Limestone, ME 38:30 Haunting, thrumming, mind blowing, and masterful. The band wastes little time departing from "46 Days" and descends into an underworld soundscape filled with all sorts of chilling effects, eerie sounds and more. After nearly 20 minutes of deep exploration, the band resurfaces with 15 minutes of (appropriately) low intensity, more musically oriented improvisation, and ultimately finishes off "46 Days" in the closing minutes.
2004-06-17 46 Days Brooklyn, NY 16:24 Moves beyond "46 Days" into a swirling, more sedate segment. Jam then picks up a nice rhythmic pulse and great groove. The jam grows increasingly energized and intense, with a textbook -> to "Possum."
2009-08-15 46 Days Columbia, MD 16:23 Jam breaks away from "46 Days" into a spacey, quiet mode, then Trey and Fish pick things up into a really great, pulsing and upbeat vibe. Another improvisationally rich version.
2009-11-18 46 Days Detroit, MI 11:08 Nice funky rhythmic section develops where "46 Days" would typically wind down. Some great Page.
2010-10-12 46 Days Broomfield, CO 8:16 A fiery version all around with a rocking outro based around a great riff from Trey.
2013-07-05 46 Days Saratoga Springs, NY 9:10 The jam settles down gradually, then Trey and Fish have a little back-and-forth jam, followed by a Page/Mike back-and-forth jam which -> cleanly to "Steam."
2013-07-30 46 Days Stateline, NV 8:42 Nice funky and rocking section with great Mike emerges on the back side of the standard "46 Days" jam and > to "BORW."
2014-08-29 46 Days Commerce City, CO 9:39 A nice low-key and increasingly funky jam develops on the back end of "46 Days" proper.
2015-01-02 46 Days Miami, FL 9:50 At 5:40, the jam breaks into dark, funky groove with Page working the B-3. Great teaming by all four as each adds color to a solid version.
2015-07-28 46 Days Del Valle, TX 4:25 "46 Days" -> "The Dogs" -> "46 Days." The first section of "46 Days" is standard, but the back end section includes a nice low-key outro jam.
2015-07-28 46 Days Del Valle, TX 5:15 -> in from "The Dogs" to complete this sandwich. This section has a nice chill outro jam that > to "Piper."
2015-08-11 46 Days Philadelphia, PA 8:17 The customary instrumental bridge has some filthy, raw tone, then there's a great compact spacey but upbeat jam at the end which covers a surprising amount of terrain and -> to "Taste."
2015-08-15 46 Days Columbia, MD 16:25 An angry, dissonant and pulsing jam emerges at first, settles a bit, then grows melodic and soothing with nice Fender-Rhodes action from Page. Familiar bliss type jamming then briefly takes hold until a -> to "Bug."
2015-08-22 46 Days Watkins Glen, NY 14:15 The jam moves beyond the rocking norm to some dark probing, before gradually shifting to serene and introspective exploration. After swelling to a modest peak, the jam -> to "BDTNL."
2015-09-04 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:23 Following the final refrain, a shortish but solid, percussive and initially driving jam begins to diminish, seemingly poised to explore further, but > to "Antelope" instead.
2016-09-02 46 Days Commerce City, CO 8:54 Trey restrains his playing at the outset, giving the jam a more deliberate pace and also providing space for additional band interplay. What results is a gripping, edgier take which makes the final ratchet up all the sweeter.
2017-08-01 46 Days New York, NY 12:01 Seriously rocking version becomes seriously percussive. Strong, funky, full-band play finds Trey, Page, and Mike breaking from their rigs to join Fish upon his kit. Trey picks a nifty little line upon the Marimba Lumina - lifted from his play preceding "Drums" - and a cool, upbeat jam ensues. Seriously percussive version then becomes seriously spacey. Back with their instruments, the four gel to create a sonic outro which smartly >'s into "Piper".
2017-09-03 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:03 Breaking quickly for instrumental playing, the jam gets down and dirty, with spacey Trey and Page effects, layered over a solid bass and drum foundation. Although it never strays too far from home, this one is no typical stroll in the park.
2018-07-24 46 Days San Francisco, CA 11:09 Although it keeps to the "46 Days" format, this show-opening version offers a surprising amount of atypical play, mostly from Trey who utilizes new tones to color the jam.
2018-09-02 46 Days Commerce City, CO 10:47 364 Days later, the band delivers yet another strong Dick's version, continuing what is now an unmistakable tradition (see: 8/29/14; 9/4/15; 9/2/16; and 9/3/17). Mike's play is great, and Fish settles in nicely, riding his cymbals, the musicians establishing a theme that will carry through great versions of "Tweezer" and "Golden Age". Trey's play in particular impresses, as he shears distinct blocks of sound as means to offer up great melodic / harmonic variation. Strong soloing bleeds to the first of two truly memorable ->.
2018-12-29 46 Days New York, NY 12:22 Around 5:30, the playing shifts from the usual fire and brimstone stuff to a quieter, percussive groove. As Page and Trey link up, the jam develops energy and a brighter tone. The band neatly modifies the energy up and down several times, before cleverly -> to "Cities."
2019-06-29 46 Days Camden, NJ 10:06 A thick churn of clav, filtered bass, and growling guitar suddenly morphs at 5:20 into a triumphant release with a powerful peak.
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