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Random Setlist

Check out a random setlist from the setlist archives. Have a listening party, kill an afternoon, or just examine setlist construction by cycling through setlists of Phishtory past. Click here to begin your journey.

Fantasy Setlist

Since we have the most complete and detailed Phish setlist archive on the internet, we're frequently tempted to play with the data in fun ways. Fortunately, we decided to use our powers for good rather than evil, and as such, we've created the most accurate "fantasy Phish setlist" tool in existence.

Unlike most "random" setlist generators, this one is based on The Mockingbird Foundation's real setlist data. All songs are appropriately weighed judged by the number of times they've really been performed by Phish. All openers have actually opened a show at some point, and all encores have actually appeared as encores. There should be no repeats in the first set, but repeats in the second set might be tagged as a reprise of earlier songs. All footnotes are real footnotes from real songs. Also, segue information is accurate as of the previous song; a segue out of a song really happened.

Because it's based on real data and real frequencies, we think this is a great toy. The only remaining question is, what's more likely, "Tweezer Reprise Reprise" in real life, or in a mock setlist? Find out in our fantasy setlist generator.

Dream Setlist

Have you ever played that game when you sketch out your "ideal" setlist? I play it all the time, usually in meetings at work. Are you a Gamehendge fan? A bustout seeker? A four-song-set kind of guy? You can create and share your own dream setlists using the Dream Setlist creatifier.

"Trey's Notebook"

We look the stats from the past year and try to predict the setlist for the next show. When listed in order, it looks like we imagine "Trey's Notebook" does. Check it out. Timeline

We're pretty old. Older than, actually. Don't believe me? See for yourself on our site timeline.

101 Phish Songs

We got a kick out of that "101 Phish Songs" poster that used to circulate. So we tried to name all the songs.

The "Meme" Game

Internet "memes" are more popular than ever. So we took the old "Joseph Ducreux" meme and mixed up some Phish lyrics. Can you name all the songs in the meme game?

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