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The Lemonwheel

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What's a lemonwheel? A lemonwheel is a slice of lemon (not an eliptical wedge, but a cylindrical slice; and not a half slice, but a full circle), typically cut along the radius (from the center to an edge) and hung on the edge of the mouth glass with certain cocktails. and Yangety noted a play on words: Lemonwheel in Limestone. And Justin Antos noted the continued theme of movement (Clifford Ball, Great Went, Lemonwheel). Also, see anagrams, below.

What's the LemonWheel? As a sequel to the August 1996 Clifford Ball and the August 1997 Great Went, Phish held an event called LemonWheel August 15-16, 1998 at the former Loring Air Force Base (now the Loring Commerce Centre) in Limestone, Maine. (This was also the site of the Great Went.) LemonWheel continued a tradition of summer blowouts, which recently included the Clifford Ball and Great Went but actually continues a Phish tradition since 1990. These three recent multi-day festival events put the experience in overdrive. In case you've missed all three, and in case there are further events in this series, be advised that (a) it will be a religious experience, (b) there will be more going on than you will remember, and (c) you should come prepared to be happy and healthy in an enormous (circa 65K) group, a virtual (and practical) city. Also, make necessary preparations -- food, clothes, camping gear, bug spray, sunscreen, money, etc. Consider taking an RV!

What happened? Events included:


Where? (northeast Maine): This is as far north and east as you can get and not be in Canada (which is approximately one mile east and three miles north), in a beautiful area, in blueberry (and black fly) season. If you visit the area (with four seasons of things to do!) or return for a future Phish event, expect warm afternoons, a bit of rain, and chilly nights. See also: ?' ;return true">maps.

Why Maine? Page explained in an interview with the Bangor Daily News, which reported that "The quartet didn't take much persuading to go to Maine, which has been almost a second home for them. In fact, their first concert outside Vermont was at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor in 1985. 'Our manager is from Woolwich, and we've played Portland a lot,' [organist Page] McConnell said. 'Maine's always been one of our favorite places.'"

Other `Wheel Web Sites

For more information (and some photographs) see any of the following pages and sites of interest:


Though the July 17-18, 1999, shows had a festival feel, and shirts reading "Camp Oswego", a March 1999 ?id=512782">SonicNet article said "the airport shows will not receive a designation and are not being viewed by the band as a festival, according to publicist Reyna Mastrosimone. 'The venue is non-conventional. It's not your traditional shed,' Mastrosimone said. 'But it won't be like the Great Went. It won't be like Lemonwheel.'"

Anagrams of "lemonwheel" include "Hello! New Me."

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