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On-Stage Banter

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Here lie "little snippets of Phish Banter - those hilarious moments during a show when one of the boys says something that's so wierd and funny that you just burst out laughing and make all your friends listen to it. These little moments are just as much a part of a Phish show as the music (well, that might being taking it a bit far, but you know what I mean) and I thought I would make a place to collect those moments so people can come read a few, have a laugh, and put their favorite banter for all to enjoy. If you've heard some banter that you think is worthy, write it out and send it [in]. Include the date, venue, and who is talking if you can figure it out. ...everyone will get credit for what they submit. ... Note: Shelly Culbertson has requested that 'uh' and 'um' be left out of banter transcriptions as it is not necessary and usually only makes the speaker sound unintelligent. Please take this into consideration. I am in the process of editing banter that was previously submitted." -- Jake Morrill


Chronological Index



The whole/actual list

10-30-85 (setlist) - During intro to the first Harry Hood ever:   

submitted by: Rob Thorne


04/01/86 - SneezeBloodEyeball at Liont's Festival of Fools:

submitted by: Rob Thorne


08/29/87 - Marley Banter at Mead Ranch, Shelburne, VT - Set 1

submitted by: Rob Thorne


08/06/88 - Baked in Telluride:


08/08/88 - Run like Fishman:

submitted by: Rob Thorne


09/24/88 - Window -> Jar:

submitted by: Rob Thorne


04/14/89 - Important Banter:

submitted by: Jake Morrill


04/20/89 - Oom Pa Pa!:

submitted by:Ethan White


05/06/89 - The Tire Song:

submitted by: Dan Mielcarz


05/28/89 - Ian's Farm:

submitted by: Charles Dirksen

More from Ian's Farm...

Audience Member: Let Page sing !!!

Trey: Page will now sing a number to his choosing.

Laughing erupts on stage, and Fishman yells something like "Turn it off ! Turn it off !"

Trey: Page will now sing Down on Thunder Island.

More laughing

Gentleman in the dark over there: "Ride Captain Ride"

Trey to Page: Ride Captain Ride?

Trey: Ladies and Gentleman the choice has just been made...., after long deliberation, Page has chosen the song he will sing and, he has been pushed over the edge by the gentleman in the dark over there who screamed..............for this number.

submitted by: Brian Messing

Still more...

Trey: So this is how you mountain people live, huh?

plays a little jazz ditty

Trey: This little pun is thought up by Chris Kuroda. Don't blame this pun on me! Purple! Where'd you get that? PUN by Chris Kuroda! One, Two, you guys know what we're playing? Fire. Get it? Get it?

MIKE?PAGE?FISH?: in a funny old man voice Everyone ready to rock and roll?


Guy in crown: You guys suck!

Trey: while breathing heavily into mic Oaky, Okay, Okay, What is it?

crowd yelling, other unintelligible things on stage

Trey: Gettin' it up? Gettin' it up! We have a request for gettin' it up & of course, that is Page's department, so Page?

Page: We'll take care of it.

Trey: Page will take care of gettin' it up. Keeping it up, keeping it up, of course, that's Mike's department!

Page: It takes all four of us.

Trey: Once it's up. And letting it back down again, of course, that's Fish's department!

Mick: The turtle. Fish "The Turtle" Fishman.

Trey: Johnny B alias, "The Turtle" Fishman. You all saw it at the rock rumble!

more unintelligible stuff

Mike or PAGE: Yamar?

Trey: Yamar? Let's bring it up, let's pick it up.

Fish: I don't have my cowbell or my woodblock.

Mike or Page?: Let's do a total Mike's.

Fish: Alright, alright.

Trey: How about Mike's Song?

Fish: Alright, yeah.

Mike: Well?

Trey starts Mike's WAY too fast & everybody else comes in right along for a few bars before it falls apart

Trey: That was silly! That was silly.

Now Mike's proper starts with lots of shouts by the band during it such as "Here comes the beer! Phleagh! Beer!"

submitted by: Suzanne Allison


10/20/89 - Split Open and Do-over:

submitted by: Franklin C. Malemud


12/15/89 - Chris Kuroda:

submitted by: Ben Grossman



Page Caleb Snyder, your license is on my piano. (Pause) Your wallet is at 
the front door.

Trey Your life is in our hands. 

submitted by:


05/04/90 - Boy Scout Anthem:

submitted by: Dan Mielcarz


11/04/90 - :

submitted by: Rob Thorne

03/17/91 - The Bear Story:

submitted: Rob Merk
submitted by: Rob Thorne


03/22/91 - :

submitted by: Randy Bee

04/11/91 - The Prison Joke:


submitted by: Rob Thorne

07/14/91 - :

submitted by: Charlie Ittner

08/03/91 - :

submitted by: Chris Intagliata

10/06/91 - Henrietta:


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