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Nov 2011

Fixed sideshow "jump" scripts.
Fixed bug with adding a review to days with multiple shows

Oct 2011

Forum Polls. New search in forum. Tweaks to core functions.

30 Sept 2011

There have been scores of changes through September, and I've done a poor job mainaining the changelog. I've done significant work on messages, the setlist pages, stats, and collections, for starters. Furthermore, the underlying architecture of has been changed more significantly in the last week than since the jump to "version 3" in August of 2009. More on this in a future blog post.

31 Aug 2011

New API Documentation

Misc Aug 2011

Significantly revamped user admin tools

9 Aug 2011

Improvements to Forum notifications

29 Jul 2011

Continue work on private messaging UI

28 Jul 2011

Begin overhaul of private messaging UI

9 Jul 2011

Added ability to see blog comments on mobile site

23 June 2011

Changes to song history display
No comments allowed on song history until a history is posted
New "last modification date" field on song histories
Fixed year listing on reviews sidebar

18 June 2011

New "anniversary mail" message

10 June 2011

Fixed several CSS bugs in Gap Chart

9 June 2011

Added "Compare Stats" page
Removed "Showverlap" from profile, moved it into compare stats

8 June 2011

Fixed a bug in the setlist links from the gap chart of the mobile site

7 June 2011

Changed sidebar "anniversaries" display (randomizes if there are more than 10, only shows 10)
Added ability to edit/append to reviews

5 June 2011

Changed sidebar "ratings" display
Added personalized gap charts on main site

28 May 2011

Fixed bug with mobile site (last time seen included other artists)
Fixed bug with J-Card View setlist in progress
Modified sideshow sidebar to expand only artist currently being viewed
Misc tweaks

27 May 2011

Added Pagination to forum, defaulting to 50 posts per page
Added "local settings" option for disabling pagination

26 May 2011

Built API "Test Suite"
Corrected minor bugs in API to increase username/uid interoperability

18 May 2011

Added visual indicator of "last view" in forum threads
Redirected forum threads to last view indicator

16 May 2011

Added Jamming Chart index
Added Jamming Chart index to navigation menu
Removed RSS from navigation menu
Added new social media links in navigation menu

9 May 2011

Added year breakdown on public collections page when number of shows greater than or equal to 20

8 May 2011

Modified forum thread creation page to prevent starting a thread with no title and no text

7 May 2011

Updated Terms of Use, added header/footer chrome to TOU page

3 May 2011

Fixed bug with avatar display on user profile page

21 April 2011

Refined search results screen in forum

17 April 2011

Add user search

11 April 2011

"Happy Phish-iversary" fallback in sidebar

27 Mar 2011

Basic "Private Messaging" on mobile
Modified recent setlists on mobile to include side shows

22 Mar 2011

Due to a number of factors, there is a major gap in the changelog. A number of new features have been implemented in the last month, including: sticky threads in the forum, continued multi-artist support, better moderation tools, automatic suspension of abusers, ignore thread, ignore user, new "showverlap" layout, Jamming Charts, and much more. I'll try to do a better job of keeping up here.

6 Mar 2011

Updated sideshow setlists to respect artist slug
Modified "stream" library to allow for two setlist the same day
Modified setlist template to fix "musicians" bug

5 Mar 2011

Continued work on full-site multi-artist support
Changes to ETP
New multi-showdate page
Modified song pages for better multi-artist support
Wrote strip_return function to remove CKEditor blank lines
Added new "body" field to blog
Started new, secret project ("Project ATC")

4 Mar 2011

Continued work on full-site multi-artist support
Modified setlist view options
Changed setlists templates
Added "guests" to Phish shows

3 Mar 2011

Continued work on full-site multi-artist support
Added "Musicians" to sideshow setlists

1 Mar 2011

Continued work on full-site multi-artist support

27 Feb 2011

Continued work on full-site multi-artist support

25 Feb 2011

New logo
New default avatar

24 Feb 2011

Fixed a Youtube embed bug (when a user left lots of query-string related data, it would fail)
Fixed several moderation-related niggles
Modified forum comment template for better admin integration
Edited word replacement strings, made string replacement global
Deprecated older javascript methods (e.g. ajax commenting, &c)
Modifications to moderation rules

23 Feb 2011

Sideshows related

22 Feb 2011

Sideshows on mobile
Began testing new navigation
Added artist support to tours
Fixed a YouTube embed bug

21 Feb 2011

Continued work on sideshows
Worked on new navigation

20 Feb 2011

Sideshows soft launch

16 Feb 2011

Linked people to shows
Modified people criteria
Modified setlist table; added new "meta" column
Significant work on New Project
Modified the following pages

15 Feb 2011

Continued work on New Project

14 Feb 2011

Modified logo structure
Fixed a blog-related comment count bug in the news steam.
Added "listens" to the blog permalink template.
Admin: modified user information template.
Admin: modified user management module.
Admin: fixed a venues-related permissions issue in the admin console.

10 Feb 2011

Exposed "Collections" to API v2. Documentation to follow.

8 Feb 2011

Fixed bugs related to Flash fallback of inline audio
Fixes to blog templates

7 Feb 2011

Misc backend fixes

2 Feb 2011

Fixed "autolink" function to respect hashbang links (Facebook and Twitter's new #! URLs).
Added automatic inline 30-second refreshing to front page the forum.
Added automatic inline 30-second refreshing to forum threads. Will be an opt-in preference.

1 Feb 2011

Enabled @mention notifications
Renamed "Shorthand Setlists" to "J-Card Mode"
FAQ display modifications
Admin: changes to news tables in database
Admin: changes to faq tables in database
Added near-real-time auto-refresh to chat
Tweaked moderation eligibility scripts

31 Jan 2011

Added "source" field for quote posttype on blog
Rolled out "J-Card Mode" as "Shorthand Setlists"
Rewrote ETP code
Fixed some bugs in blog page

30 Jan 2011

Added @mentions to user profile
Added "Select All" to Private Message inbox

28 Jan 2011

Updated mobile site to use new blog
Updated RSS for
Revised "Featured" system to be live
Added "video" type to blog

27 Jan 2011

New blog unveiled
New participation page
New moderation library on main and blog
Admin: merged "news links" and blog
Updated API to use new blog
Archived tumblr to
Added new stats to forum scoreboard

26 Jan 2011

New pagination library, used on blog, forum, and news page
Updates to core CSS

25 Jan 2011

Admin: new blogging system!
Admin: Twitter OAuth API implemented, auto-tweet confirmed

24 Jan 2011

New posting eligibility system
New moderation system

21 Jan 2011

Modified moderation eligibility
Added "unique" key to email field on user accounts

19 Jan 2011

Admin: image posting
Admin: new permissions
Admin: improved moderation panel

18 Jan 2011

Major changes to song management

14 Jan 2011 Forum Scoreboard

13 Jan 2011

Meme Game

12 Jan 2011

New front page for /setlists section
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