Guide to the Jamming Chart for "Reba"
Unlike the jamming charts for other songs, the chart for Reba encompasses every version of the song known to circulate. It was compiled by Tim Wade (@TheEmu) beginning in 1996, and completed in December 2012. The previous jamming chart was originally compiled by Tim Wade and appended by Charles Franz. After its publication in The Phish Companion, 2d ed, in 2004, the chart was imported into the site in 2011 by Philip Harrison (@Dog_Faced_Boy) and updated by him and Charlie Dirksen (@Icculus). Elements of this original chart have been incorporated into the current version.

With a few exceptions, the chart rates each individual performance on a scale of 4 (D-) to 15 (A+). These ratings are subjective and solely meant as a tool to guide listeners to exceptional versions of the song. As such, users of the chart are encouraged to view the ratings as a mere starting point in explorations of Reba’s rich history, rather than an absolute declaration of one version being superior to another. The ratings are also not set in stone; many versions have been regraded as my familiarity with the song has grown, as higher quality recordings have become available, or just because I felt differently after listening to it more. In short, these ratings are just my opinion, and, as Charlie Dirksen has said on many occasions, "YOUR OPINION IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS."

A note on terminology: Taking a cue from Charlie Dirksen (YEM, Tweezer) and Benjy Eisen (Bathtub Gin), when I began reviewing versions of Reba in 1996, I assigned names to parts of the song. "The Directions" is the lyrics section; "The Sip" is the bulk of the composed music; "The Swallow" is comprised of the two-part fugue; "The Chill" is the jam segment; and "The Wet Whistle" is, obviously, the whistling segment. Early versions also include a bridge between the lyrics section and "The Sip;" this music was later removed and became the song "Don't Get Me Wrong."

Selected versions, including those with the highest ratings, appear in boldface. Some versions feature a link to a more detailed review. For the sake of an “apples to apples” comparison, “type-II” versions have not been rated; a small number of other versions were also not rated due to problems with the recording, or at my discretion (I didn't think it fair to rate the first version, and I couldn't bring myself to grade Coventry). For more information on the ratings and the history of this chart, see

If you believe a version of Reba should be added to this chart, or feel that a description of any version on the chart should be modified, please explain WHY, by sending a private message to @jamcharts. One of the members of the jam chart team will respond to you in due course. Thank you.