Guide to the Jamming Chart for "Reba"
The jamming chart for Reba was originally compiled by Tim Wade (@TheEmu) beginning in 1996, for The Phish Companion, and was appended by Charles Franz. After its publication in The Phish Companion, 2nd ed, in 2004, the chart was imported into the site in 2011 by Philip Harrison (@Dog_Faced_Boy) and updated by him and Charlie Dirksen (@Icculus). Tim Wade returned to curate the chart in 2012, and the old spreadsheet version of the chart was incorporated into the setlist file in December of that year.

The jamming charts do not seek to be the definitive "best of" list for any song. Rather, they are best used as a tool with which to explore a song's improvisational history. The grades you see on the legacy version of the Reba chart are only one person's opinion, and of course, your opinion is the only one that counts. The timings you see here represent the time excluding any whistling.

If you believe a version should be added to this chart, or feel that a description of any version on the chart should be modified, please explain WHY, by creating a jam chart feedback/corrections ticket. The link to create a jam chart ticket is located at the top of every jam chart page. One of the members of the jam chart team will respond to you in due course. Thank you.