Guide to the Jamming Chart for "Chalk Dust Torture"
The jamming chart for Chalk Dust Torture (aka CDT) was compiled by Philip Harrison (@Dog_Faced_Boy), with some minor revisions made by Charlie Dirksen (@Icculus). Some of the versions reflected in this chart were noted in a table (without notes) for CDT published in The Phish Companion, 2d ed, in 2004. Pete Skewes-Cox (@ucpete) is now responsible for this chart.

The purpose of the jamming tune charts is to include exceptional versions, including versions that feature a lot of teases of other songs in the jam segment; are unusually improvisational; and/or are recommendable for a reason that makes them notably different from a "standard, typically great" version. This chart has some versions in it that are not that "exceptional" in the broad expanse of Phish history, but they may still be noteworthy in light of versions occurring within the year in which they were performed.

If you believe a version should be added to this chart, or feel that a description of any version on the chart should be modified, please explain WHY, by creating a jam chart feedback/corrections ticket. The link to create a jam chart ticket is located at the top of every jam chart page. One of the members of the jam chart team will respond to you in due course. Thank you.