a Project of the Mockingbird Foundation Song Abbreviations

A Day in the LifeADITL
A Song I Heard the Ocean SingASIHTOS
AC/DC BagBag
All Things ReconsideredATR
Also Sprach Zarathustra2001
Alumni BluesAlumni
Back on the TrainBOTT
Backwards Down the Number LineBDTNL
Bathtub GinGin
Be Good and You'll Be LonelyBGAYBL
Big Ball JamBBJ
Big Black Furry Creature from MarsBBFCFM
Birds of a FeatherBOAF
Black PeterAll of my friends come to see me last night I was laying in my bed and dying Annie Beauneu from Saint Angel say "the weather down here so fine" Just then the wind came squalling through the door but who can the weather command? Just want to have
Black-Eyed KatyBEK
Boogie On Reggae WomanBoogie On
Bouncing Around the RoomBouncin'
Cars Trucks BusesCTB
Chalk Dust TortureCDT
Colonel Forbin's AscentForbin's
Crosseyed and PainlessC&P
Dave's Energy GuideDEG
David BowieBowie
Destiny UnboundDestiny
Divided SkyDivided
Down with DiseaseDwD
Fast Enough for YouFEFY
Fire on the MountainFOTM
Fly Famous MockingbirdMockingbird
Fuck Your FaceFYF
Ginseng SullivanGinseng
Golgi ApparatusGolgi
Good Times Bad TimesGTBT
Gotta JibbooJibboo
Guelah PapyrusGuelah
Halley's CometHalley's
Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday
Harry HoodHood
Hell In A BucketWell, I was drinking last night with a biker And I showed him a picture of you I said, "Pal, get to know her. You'll like her." Seemed like the least I could do... 'Cause when he's driving his chopper Up and down your carpeted halls, You will t
Hold Your Head UpHYHU
I Am HydrogenHydrogen
I Didn't KnowIDK
I Need A MiracleI need a woman 'bout twice my age, A lady of nobility, gentility and rage -- A splendor in the dark -- lightnin' on the draw. We'll go right through the book, and break each and every law. I got a feeling, and it won't go away. oh, no. Just one thi
Jesus Just Left ChicagoJJLC
Johnny B. GoodeJBG
Kill Devil FallsKDF
Letter to Jimmy PageLTJP
Light Up Or Leave Me AloneLight Up
Limb By LimbLxL
Makisupa PolicemanMakisupa
McGrupp and the Watchful HosemastersMcGrupp
Mike's SongMike's
Mountains in the MistMist
My Friend, My FriendMy Friend
My Mind's Got a Mind of its OwnMMGAMOIO
My Sweet OneMSO
No Men In No Man's LandNMINML
Peaches en RegaliaPeaches
Prince CaspianCaspian
Punch You In the EyePYITE
Quinn the EskimoQuinn
Rock and RollR&R
Roses Are FreeRoses
Run Like an AntelopeAntelope
Sample in a JarSample
Scent of a MuleSOAMule
She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to RideShe Caught the Katy
Silent in the MorningSilent
Slave to the Traffic LightSlave
Sneakin' Sally Through the AlleySneakin' Sally
Split Open and MeltSOAMelt
Stealing Time From the Faulty PlanSTFTFP
Sugar MagnoliaSugar Magnolia blossom's blooming Head's all empty and I don't care Saw my baby down by the river Knew she'd have to come up soon for air Sweet blossom come on under the willow We can have high times if you'll abide We can discover the wonders of
Suzy GreenbergSuzy
Take the 'A' Train'A' Train
The Asse FestivalAsse Festival
The Ballad of Curtis LoewCurtis Loew
The BirdwatcherBirdwatcher
The CurtainCurtain
The Curtain WithCurtain With
The Fog That SurroundsFog That Surrounds
The Great Gig in the SkyGreat Gig in the Sky
The Happy Whip and Dung SongHappy Whip and Dung Song
The HorseHorse
The LandladyLandlady
The LizardsLizards
The Man Who Stepped Into YesterdayTMWSIY
The Mango SongMango
The Moma DanceMoma
The Oh Kee Pa CeremonyOh Kee Pa
The SlothSloth
The Squirming CoilCoil
The Star Spangled BannerStar Spangled Banner
The Vibration of LifeVibration of Life
The WedgeWedge
Theme From the BottomTheme
Timber (Jerry)Timber
Time Turns ElasticTTE
Tweezer RepriseTweeprise
Wading in the Velvet SeaVelvet Sea
Walls of the CaveWotC
Weekapaug GrooveWeekapaug
What's the Use?WTU?
When the Circus ComesCircus
While My Guitar Gently WeepsWMGGW
Wolfman's BrotherWolfman's
You Enjoy MyselfYEM
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