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Blog Mystery Jam Monday Part 200

Posted 2015-11-30 1:00 pm by ucpete - 2 comments , posted in the Audio category (87 listens)

Welcome to's Mystery Jam Monday Part 200! As we did when MJM hit the century mark and the CL mark, the winner will be awarded an MP3 download courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net, along with an additional prize. For MJM #200, the kind folks at the Mockingbird Foundation will be giving the winner a copy of each of the three editions of the The Phish Companion: TPC1, TPC2, and the soon-to-be-released TPC3!

Regarding the Mystery Jam itself, as with MJM #100, #150, and the Hampton/Winston-Salem MJ, this clip has multiple songs on it that you'll need to identify. Therefore, we will not be using the comments to guess this week. Instead, send an email with your guesses (for all of the clips) to If you have any questions, you can post those in the comments section. Do not post guesses in the comments section, or your comment will be deleted and you'll be subject to banning from future MJM participation. Also, no "trading" of answers is allowed: figure this out on your own. The first person to correctly identify the song and the date of each jam will be the winner. One guess per person per day, with the second "day" starting after I post the hint. A hint will be posted on Wednesday if necessary, and if necessary, again on Friday, and the answer will be posted by next Monday. In the event that no one guesses all of the Mystery Jams, the winner will be selected by the Blog at its sole discretion -- partial credit can take home the prize, so don't be shy. Note the number of blank slots for this week's contest in the MJM Results spreadsheet, and be assured that each of this week's jams has not been used previously. Good luck! All-Time MJM Results

Blog Sitzman's Search

Posted 2015-11-29 9:00 am by Lemuria - 0 comments

Pete SitzmanWe recently re-discovered this word search, designed in 2000 by Pete Sitzman - a friend, Phish fan, and Phish Companion contributing photographer, who passed away in 2007. The puzzle never made it to a flyer or website, until now.

There are 83 Phish-related words hidden forwards, backwards, up, down, and diagonally. See how many you can find:

Sitzman SearchAmys farm, Anastasio, Antelope, Bathtub Gin, BBFCFM, Bouncing, Bowie, Clifford Ball, Contact, Dirt, Dog Log, Driver, Esther, Faht, Fee, Foam, Forbin, Free, Gamehendge, Ghost, Glide, Golgi, Gordon, Greenberg, Groove, Guyute, Hampton, Harry Hood, Helping Friendly Book, Hoist, Horn, Hot Dog, HYHU, Ice, Jon, Junta, Landlady, Lawn Boy, Lizards, Llama, Maze, Mike, Moma, Mound, Nectars, NICU, Noel, Oswego, Page (twice), phans, Piper, Possum, Poster Nutbag, Reba, Rift, Ruthaford (sic), Simple, Sleeping Monkey, Sloth, Stash, Stash (twice), Suzie (sic), Tela, Timber ho, TMWSIY, Tom Marshall, Trey (thrice), Tubbs, Tube (twice), Tweezer, UFO, Wedge, Weekapaug, Weigh, Wilson, Yamar, YEM

Blog Hungerthon 2015 Auctions Phish NYE Run Tix to End Hunger

Posted 2015-11-26 4:20 am by MarcoEsc - 0 comments

Hungerthon is an annual Thanksgiving radio tradition started in 1975 by WhyHunger to raise awareness about hunger and poverty and to invest in long-term solutions that help people in need in communities across America. To support this important cause, Phish has generously donated a pair of tickets for the four-show NYE run to the Hungerthon Charity Auction. While you're getting stuffed this fine Thanksgiving day, why not satisfy your hunger for New Year's tickets and bid generously.


Blog Young Composer's Phish Medley

Posted 2015-11-24 11:30 am by Lemuria - 0 comments

@FrodoPiano is a 12-year-old composer who grew up listening to lots of Phish, thanks to parents who are fans. That exposure inspired an arrangement of 22 Phish songs (plus a reprise) in a mammoth 269-measure medley, his 45th posted score. You can hear and watch the arrangement here (or visit the host page to read his introduction), followed by a short Q&A with the prolific songsmith.

Phish Medley by FrodoPiano

How many Phish shows have you seen, and what was the first?

I have seen Phish some six times, and I have seen Trey with an orchestra twice, at the Hollywood Bowl and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. My first concert was on November 1, 2009. When I was younger, I listened to Rift a lot, as my dad had a copy that he kept in the car, so you could almost say I “grew up with it,” which might be why I am a bit biased toward it. ;)

What’s your favorite Phish song, and why?

I don’t want to sound cliche, but my favorite has to be "Divided Sky". It has so many movements, with so many great themes, and I love all of them. (It was also apparently the song my mother wanted to hear instantly after I was born, so maybe that means something …) My favorite albums, though, are Junta and Rift.

How long have you been composing, and why do you enjoy it?


Blog Mystery Jam Monday Part 199

Posted 2015-11-23 1:00 pm by ucpete - 18 comments , posted in the Audio category (768 listens)

Welcome to the 199th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday. The winner will receive an MP3 download courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of the mystery jam clip. Each person gets one guess per day, with the second “day” starting after I post the hint. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. Good luck!

Answer: Congrats to @yunkfunk for nailing this one within an hour of my posting it, collecting his fifth win by correctly identifying the outro to Horn from 6/20/97. Have a safe and happy holiday this week, and we'll be back next week with our 200th MJM! It'll be an MJM extravaganza, with extra difficulty and extra prizes. Stay tuned... All-Time MJM Results

Blog Mystery Jam Monday Part 198

Posted 2015-11-16 1:00 pm by ucpete - 26 comments , posted in the Audio category (1361 listens)

Welcome to the 198th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday. The winner will receive an MP3 download courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of the mystery jam clip. Each person gets one guess per day, with the second “day” starting after I post the hint. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. Good luck!

Quick note: One of my first orders of business as MJM host was to add MJM achievement badges for all past winners. Due to the MJM being started on the old Tumblr page (pre standard .net usernames), username changes since winning, and spelling mistakes, I may not have correctly added all past winners' badges. If you've won but don't see the badge in your achievements, please PM me with the MJM you won (see results below).

Update: No hint needed this week.

Answer: Congrats to our sixth seven-time MJM winner, @mcgrupp81, who correctly identified this week's MJM as Mike's Song from 4/24/92 at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR. With his seventh win, he joins @RabeldyNugs, @pauly, @ghostboogie, @bl002e, and @PersnicketyJim as MJM emeriti, and is henceforth prohibited from participating in the MJM as an active competitor. With 100+ codes to give away and six Hall-of-Famers on the shelf (and yours truly stuck at six wins on this side of the fence), the competition for free Phish downloads is suddenly wide open. Maybe the blog might stand a chance now... See you next week! All-Time MJM Results

Blog "A Live One" The Book

Posted 2015-11-11 12:01 pm by Icculus - 10 comments

A Live One coverI ran some questions by Wally Holland, the author of “A Live One,” published by Bloomsbury as part of its 33⅓ book series. “A Live One” is a book about A Live One (“ALO”), Phish’s first official live album, as well as Phish’s music and fans. What you may not know about ALO is that online Phish fans had some input into what the band ultimately decided to release on the album. On February 5, 1995, Shelly Culbertson posted this invitation to Rec.Music.Phish:

“...I just had a long phone conversation with Trey. ... he'd like to ask the net to do him a favor...

So, the favor is this: if you have the time to do it, please consider constructing the Phish double live CD that you would like to hear. Please bear in mind that this CD should be interesting to people who have never heard Phish before, as well as those who have been listening to them for years. Please remember to consider that versions of songs from lesser-known shows may be as good as, or better than, versions of the same songs from well-known shows such as Halloween and NYE.

The format is two 70-minute CDs ("CD1" and "CD2"). Consider the transitions between songs, and the pace and dramatic flow of the order in which the songs occur on each CD. ... We're not saying that the net's compilation will become the live CD, by any means; but the band will listen to it with open ears, and if they like it, they will seriously consider the suggestions it makes. –Shelly”


News Mike Gordon 2016 Winter Tour Announced

Posted 2015-10-26 3:58 pm by pzerbo - 7 comments - Link:


Mike Gordon returns to the road in January, this time hitting the western half of the U.S. with his band on the heels of a well-received June run. The tour will begin with the band’s debut shows in Texas beginning in Austin on January 22 before carving its way west with stops in Flagstaff, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver and others.
Mike’s band includes longtime collaborators Scott Murawski and Craig Myers, as well as two recent additions: organ and synth-master Robert Walter and sharp-shooter John Kimock on drums.
A limited number of tickets are available NOW via a real-time presale at which ends Thursday, October 29 at 5PM ET. Tickets will go on sale to the public beginning Friday, October 30.
For complete ticketing details, visit
1/22/16 Emo’s, Austin Tx
1/23/16 Numbers, Houston, TX
1/24/16 Granada Theater, Dallas, TX
1/26/16 Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ
1/27/16 Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff, AZ
1/29/16 The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
1/30/16 The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA
1/31/16 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
2/2/16 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
2/3/16 Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA
2/5/16 Park City Live, Park City, UT
2/6/16 Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO

Song History Song History: Roses Are Free

Posted 2015-10-01 8:59 am by Mickey Melchiondo; Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo); Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty) - Link:

In contrast to the persona displayed in Ween’s song “Leave Deaner Alone,” Mickey Melchiondo (a.k.a. Dean Ween) is a really hilarious, down to Earth, friendly and accessible dude, as far as rock guitar gods go. So when it came time to overhaul the “Roses Are Free” song history, we went straight to the source and asked for his take on the Chocolate and Cheese songwriting and recording process that produced this classic cut....

Song History Song History: No Men In No Man's Land

Posted 2015-09-28 6:32 pm by Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo) - Link:

Back in the proverbial day, the first show of the year coming off a break would often yield at least a few debuts of new Phish original songs. Since Phish returned to the stage in 2009, this tradition of unveiling new songs in bunches at tour openers had fallen by the wayside. After the Joy batch in 2009, over the next few years new song output slowed to a trickle – relative to Phish’s prodigious historical output – with most “new to Phish” songs making the jump to the big leagues from individual band member side projects. Then the new song stream returned to raging river status in a one-two explosion bunched on single days, flipping the tradition of the Halloween cover album with the new originals of Wingsuit-cum-Fuego on 10/31/13, and then their ground-breaking reinterpretation of Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House on 10/31/14....

News 2015-16 NYE Run Confirmed for MSG

Posted 2015-09-16 2:59 pm by jwelsh8 - 6 comments - Link:

This December, Phish returns to Madison Square Garden in New York for a four-night New Year’s Run to ring in 2016. The first show will be on Wednesday, December 30 and run through Saturday, January 2. The band has played thirty-one shows to date at Madison Square Garden since December 1994. As with the last run at Madison Square Garden, the floor at these four shows will be general admission.

An online ticket request period is currently underway at and will end Monday, September 28th at Noon ET. Tickets will go on sale to the public on Friday, October 2nd at Noon EST. Tickets can be purchased online at or charge by phone at 866.858.0008. If tickets are still available, they may be purchased at the venue box office beginning Monday, October 14th (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm). For more details, visit


Song History Song History: Crosseyed and Painless

Posted 2015-09-12 3:36 pm by Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo) - Link:

In “Crosseyed and Painless,” the rocket-powered second track on Remain in Light, Talking Heads and Brian Eno pull off stunning arrangements with power, precision and explosive energy. Adrian Belew's guitar solo rumbles like a train passing a station leaving its prospective passengers scratching their heads in the kicked-up dust. The arrangements are surgically precise, cutting, and exact, sucking even the most staid listener into the heart of the thick dance groove. The RiL studio track runs a tidy 4:48, and while live Talking Heads versions were similarly concise, the urgency and vitality of their early performances is as gripping today as when the members of Phish were making their way through high school....

News New TAB Album + Fall Tour 2015

Posted 2015-08-24 2:56 pm by pzerbo - 0 comments - Link:


Paper Wheels, the new album from Trey Anastasio is now available for pre-order at Trey’s store and Phish Dry-Goods. The album will be released on October 30th on Rubber Jungle Records/ATO Records. Recorded at The Barn and inspired by the immediacy of Stax-era recordings, Trey Anastasio recorded the songs live, often in one or two takes. Paper Wheels was co-produced by Bryce Goggin and Trey, and mixed by Elliot Scheiner (Steely Dan, Van Morrison).

Paper Wheels will be offered as a deluxe limited edition that will include 180 gram 45 RPM 2x LP splatter vinyl and a die cut gatefold package with six unique sleeves. Only 4,000 of these special packages will be manufactured. A CD format and t-shirt bundles are also available for preorder. A preorder is now available at Trey’s store and Phish Dry Goods:

Trey Anastasio Band Fall Tour Announced
To celebrate the release of Paper Wheels, Trey Anastasio Band will embark on a short fall tour, kicking off with a two night stand at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on Oct 16th and 17th. The tour will then travel to the west coast and resume with two sold out shows night at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. The tour will conclude with a two night run at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver.

Tickets for all shows will be available through a real time pre-sale beginning Thursday, August 27th at Noon (eastern time) and ending Wednesday, September 2nd at 5:00pm (eastern time) at Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Thursday, September 3rd. Please visit for specific on sale dates and times.

Trey Anastasio Band Fall Tour
October 16 – Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
October 17 – Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
October 30 – Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV – SOLD OUT
October 31 – Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV – SOLD OUT
November 1 – House Of Blues, San Diego, CA
November 4 – The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
November 6 – Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
November 7 – Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA
November 9 – Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
November 10 – The Showbox, Seattle, WA
November 12 – The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT
November 13 – Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
November 14 – Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

News TPC3 Print Series - On sale TODAY at noon (ET)

Posted 2015-08-06 11:22 am by MarcoEsc - 0 comments - Link:

As a reminder, the new, 8-piece art print series commissioned by The Mockingbird Foundation for our upcoming book, The Phish Companion 3rd Edition (TPC3), goes on sale TODAY (8/6) via the Bottleneck Gallery website. Full, matching-number sets of eight prints will go on sale at 12:00 noon ET, and will be priced at $400. Individual prints, priced at $50 each, will go on sale at 1pm ET. 

The Phish Companion by The Mockingbird Foundation is the definitive guide to the band and its music. First published in 2000, the all-new Third Edition is being self-published by the Foundation, with all proceeds going to charity – youth music education. The full-color TPC3 is chronologically organized, will be complete through the end of Phish’s summer 2015 tour, and will go to print shortly thereafter. The Mockingbird Foundation has commissioned eight top rock artists to interpret and illustrate each of eight eras of the band’s career, each of which will be presented as a two-page spread in TPC3 and as a limited-edition (420 signed and numbered copies) art print.

Here are the prints in the series:

Phish 1.0
Phish 1.0 | 1983-1989 - by David Welker

Phish 1.1 | 1990-1992 - by Sei Rey Ho

Phish 1.2 | 1993-1995 - By Dan Black, Landland

Phish 1.3 | 1996-1998 - by DKNG Studios

Phish 1.4 | 1999-2000 - by Justin Helton, Status Serigraph

Phish 2.0 | 2003-2004 - by Jessica Seamans, Landland

Phish 3.0 | 2009-2011 - by Nate Duval

Phish 3.1 | 2012-2015 - linocut print by AJ Masthay

All proceeds from the TPC Print Series go to the all-volunteer Mockingbird Foundation, a Phish-fan based charity raising money for youth music education.

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