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46 Games

A sequence of puzzles is now underway, a new thing each noon for 46 days:
Trivia, word play, searches, and maps; mazes, music, codes, and gaps.
A Phishy pause to lighten your day - and a second glance will point the next way.
They're spread far and wide, in various spots. So, cooperate soon, or you might get lost.
To help you keep up, we'll slowly clear fog. First, the Sunday puzzles appear in the blog.
In subsequent days, we'll share the address, plus a hint, then solution (in 3 days, no less!)
At the end, it's a sprint - and a prize for first place. But you're 3 days behind, so get on with the race...

1. Sun 12/20
  crossword puzzle
Just look across.
2. Mon 12/21
  encrypted setlist
.otnarepsE tub ,ysaE
4. Wed 12/23
  venues code
1 farm, 4 nightclub, 9 tv.
5. Thu 12/24
  triangles puzzles
Most pieces are upright.
6. Fri 12/25
  four stereograms
Relax and look beyond.
7. Sat 12/26
  word search
Remaining words & letters!
8. Sun 12/27
The address drops.
9. Mon 12/28
  encrypted audio
Real mystery is at end.
10. Tue 12/29
  grocery graphic
The remainders point.
11. Wed 12/30
  lyrics riddle
Nothing tricky. Slaitini the amounts.
12. Thu 12/31
Grey through Day.
13. Fri 1/1
  event poster
Really? They're yellow!
14. Sat 1/2
  encrypted setlist
Errors, indeed!
15. Sun 1/3
Misled from national hues?
(coming soon...)
16. Mon 1/4
  Minecraft exploration
Divided Sky
(coming 1-6)
17. Tue 1/5
  Minecraft adventures
18. Wed 1/6
19. ...

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